What’s New in Rails 5?



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Course Information
In this class, Envato Mota provides you with a critique of some of the forthcoming Rails release’s characteristics: version 5. You’ll get a look at several of the largest changes and deprecations, as well as a survey of built-in of the latest designs libraries like ActionCable Turbolinks and Sprockets. The Rails API efficiency that is just integral is also seen by You’ll. Best you’ll, of all learn to get started beta today applying Rails 5!
Ruby on Rails has modified the world of web development since model 1 was launched in 2004. It has become recognized like a strong framework that allows internet applications to be designed with comparative convenience since that time. It’s a platform made at heart with developer production and contentment. It’s also persists to change and change!
What You’ll Learn
The primary deprecations for Rails 5.
Features that currently endured in Rails 4, but have been tweaked to are better.
Howto employ ActiveRecord that is fresh attributes to resolve problems that are typical.
Howto utilize the Rails API, which is cooked into the normal submission in Rails 5.
What’s new in Turbolinks 3, ActionCable.
Concerning the Coach
Mota is actually a Rubyist, Javascripter, UI custom, irregular audio, and Mac & amp person. You will find out more on his website.

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