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1- control panel for that concept for customization that is better

2- auto-text resizer

3- vehicle image resizer (thumbnails)

4- jquery multi-level dropdown menus

5- fall for posts that are featured

6- a flickr widget involved

7- jquery toggle for responses

8- articles with thumbnails

9- stylish design

10- widgetized sidebar

Improvements: v2.0

1- add full width websites (directory site and profile)

2- jquery tooltip for the silder threads brands.

3- 4 themes hues (reddish, garnet, violet, bleu)

4- picture zoom in the collection page

5- fadein result for thumbnails.


1- complete style for wp

2- psd for logo modification.

3- certification pdf

Iphone Methods You Really Have To Know About

The iPhone is a fairly neat product. It could do many characteristics, such as even be GPS, opening the web, and producing phone calls. Despite the fact that the iPhone is excellent, it is suffering from an issue that numerous other devices of the quality of it endure, itis use. the unit will be only used by many individuals at the cheapest stage, when there’s much more it can do of it’s. You can get more through the assistance within the following post from your iPhone.

Discover your phone quickly with all the brand new software called Find Our iPhone. It enables you to remotely access your telephone to provide you with coordinates on a place, switch the volume up hence the phone may be noticed from under thick blankets, or lock the device and wash all data in the event of theft.

Utilize your iPhone as a workout instrument. Using an armband and one of many good fitness apps available, you need to use the GPS to track bike tracks your runs, strolling paths and much more of your iPhone. A number of these programs instantly sync your workout data using a website, allowing your progress to be easily tracked by you. They’re able to also sync with your favorite social support systems.

Turn drive notices off to manage your computer data usage together with preserve your life. Force notifications enable your telephone in order to be warned immediately when anything occurs to continually maintain effect with the net as well as e-mail machines. Deactivating this will signify you have to check your e-mail, websites or other programs for new messages and signals, nonetheless it will be spectacular in it influences the performance and performance of your telephone.

Your iPhone makes a storage unit that is great. Utilize it to store films images and contacts. This may simplify your life and allow you to get rid of numerous products that are different, instead emphasizing only one. The iPhone includes a good quantity of storage space, and apps that are extra also allow that space to improve if necessary.

There are several excellent educational applications for kids. There are also some good activities to entertain your children, and a few of the activities may also be academic. In case your child needs additional aid with reading q or science, take a look at which programs are available for his era and grade level.

If you would like to take a photograph swiftly, double tap in your Property option. Even if the telephone is closed this may bring up only a little tattoo that’ll allow the camera to start. After that you can use the photo Up key on your own phone to snap!

Save the battery by lowering your iPhone’s brightness level. Simply click on up to the options segment and select the choice to cut back illumination. This may help save your battery, that will be to having a complete cost on your phone, important.

At the starting level of it’s, the iPhone is fantastic, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t do more. You don’t have to get only the bare minimum . Take the advice which you’ve noticed in this informative article and utilize it to consider your iPhone to another location amount of energy.

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