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Course Description
You will desire to deal it and help it become available on your platform’s app store when you build a!
In this program, Envato Reggie Dawson can teach you just how to bundle and distribute a . You’ll learn just how to package it and how to arrange your application for book on multiple tools. You’ll see how to create the application locally as well as how-to utilize PhoneGap for crossplatform building and electronic signature. Along the way, Reggie will exhibit by organizing a simple app for distribution.
The podium can be a cross platform platform for building apps. In place of creating a with ancient languages like Java or Objective C, you’ll be able to create it with accustomed net technologies and pack it in a jar on your target program. Cordova enables you to construct Amazon Flame, together with applications for iOS and Android, rim, Firefox, and Ubuntu.
What Understand
Different options for building and presentation your software.
Just how to make and develop a for guide towards the Apple.
Placing the best choices for Android .
What PhoneGap Construct is and just how it might make your daily life more easy.
Concerning the Teacher
Reginald Dawson is just a long-time community administrator that has ultimately moved over to development. Experienced in web-development and obsessed with frameworks (Angular, Meteor and Ionic to name a couple of), he is applying his prior knowledge being an instructor to help others figure out how to use technology.

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