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Last Update: 31 May 17
Made: 20 May 17
ThemeForest Documents Included: Muse Report, HTML Files, CSS Documents
Tags: lodge,venture, booking, hostel, hotel, reservation, trip, room, journey, trip, dorm, resort, trip, relaxation home
Software Model: Muse CC 2017.0.x, Muse CC 2015.2.x
Decision: Desktop, Tablet, Cellular


Letoh _ Resort Resort Design can be a uniquely designed site format made with a contemporary and level search in Muse. This is amp a nominal, smooth, clear & ; modern Template for anyone who wants to build short while to a fantastic website. It is suitable for any Lodge, Resort Agency.

Design Attributes.

Well Organised & amp Layers.
Modern, Flat & amp; Unique Style.
Very Easy for Modification.
Typekit Cloud Font Employed.
One-Page Layout.

Websites Include:

02_Room Details

Symbol Used:

Font Great

Images Used


All images applied listed here are just for critique objective amp; they are not included in main downloadable files.

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