Integrate Rich Media APIs With Foundation for Apps



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Course Information
Cornerstone for Programs joins a responsive front end design framework for freedom and the power of AngularJS. In this course, you’ll learn to develop three distinct programs that hook up to significant loaded -advertising providers: a that performs and queries an app that represents audio tracks from SoundCloud, facebook films, and an app to go looking and watch images from Instagram.
What Learn
Put up for retrieving YouTube films using their API, an Angular company.
Create a show page and view, plus a homepage control.
Manage Gulp to work well with your custom-build process.
Produce the SoundCloud API to be interfaced with all by a Base application.
Develop a support plus an app to get in touch to the Instagram API.
Concerning the Coach
Reginald Dawson is really a long-time system administrator who has ultimately migrated over to programming. Experienced in webdevelopment and enthusiastic about frameworks (Angular, Meteor and Ionic to name afew), he is utilizing his past experience being a teacher to greatly help others learn to employ technology.

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