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Course Information
UI can be a well- designed front end framework with functions that are skilled along with a robust API. This program can guide you from begin to complete through the process of building a four-page website having a wide range of graphical user interface (UI) components, using Semantic UI.

By the course’s end, you’ll be well acquainted with benefits and all the current characteristics of UI.

What You’ll Learn

Getting started with Semantic UI.
How to develop a header and footer with Semantic UI.
Howto produce a website, about page, and page, profile .

Take note that this class addresses the very first version of Semantic UI, nevertheless the capabilities you’ll understand are suitable for the new version.

Concerning the Teacher
Lawrence Turton is just an internet creator and visual artist specialising in amp, CSS, jQuery, UI & HTML . He’s formerly worked with the look agency Fifteen generating iPhone apps, sites, and apps and he started their own agency this season. You’re able to follow him on Twitter.

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