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Course Information
In this course, Envato Robert Trebilcox-Ruiz can teach you in regards to the different UI components created specifically for Android Use. You will also learn to expand your request to-use the newest Wear notification types. John will use sensible examples to show how your unit applications that are wearable may boost, and he’ll furthermore explain to you just how to develop a basic digital watch face to support customize your users’ experiences.
The Android Use API brings the hottest technology of smartwatches and wearable products the Android podium. With Use, you’re able to develop a user-experience intended specifically for wearables.
What You’ll Understand
How-to debug your programs on a real Use gadget.
How to support equally square wearable form factors and circular so that the ends of your UI are not dropped on units that are rounded.
Assist WearableListView, DelayedConfirmationView, GridViewPager, and much more.
Howto add voice responses to notices.
Develop a view experience and handle watch experience claims.
Include signals, including multiple websites to produce material that is added.
About the Teacher
John Trebilcox-Ruiz is definitely an Android creator in Boulder, Colorado, USA. He functions for Sphero, a business that generates great robotic games, and he has a for reading and building Starwars LEGO sets. Connect on LinkedIn and GitHub with him.

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