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Course Description
Hasn’t that is rails often had sturdy support for API growth. Nonetheless, group-created the space has crammed, and Rails has become an excellent choice for having a machine -side API. In this course, Envato trainer Mota will highlight ways to get started with growth in Ruby on Rails to supply information.
Because its discharge many years ago, Ruby on Rails has changed into a staple of the net development marketplace. Today nevertheless, website architectures often favor the incorporation of independent solutions, or front-end rule attaching towards the backend through JSON APIs.
What Learn
Develop for building a cafe, a API.
Go through each of the ways, from creating purchases to handling payments and receipts and managing platforms.
Examine opportunities that are refactoring.
Use Active Style Serializers to control data representation.
Expose additional features like pagination announcements.
Create successful documentation with Apiary.
In regards to the Coach
Mota is UI developer, Javascripter, a Rubyist, infrequent speaker, and Mac & amp; Arch user. You’ll find more on his website.

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