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Lookz – WP e-Commerce WordPress Design ID: WPE010003
Seems WordPress Ecommerce Style is based on WP Ecommerce plugin (GetShopped.org) and it is specially-designed for garments, fashion store, apparel and womens store. Lookz WordPress Ecommerce Design is seeking combo that is excellent with shades that are it’s. All sub pages are customized. It is very nice with its look that is professional and clear.


WP E-Commerce WordPress 3.8, 3.8.x, 3.9


100 Layout
SEO (Search Engine Marketing) helpful
Optimized for Fast-Loading
Tabless HTML markup.
XHTML 1.0 Strict good.
CSS 3.0 good.
Model and Jquery centered Javascript (avoid javascript confliction).

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Restaurant – WordPress E-Commerce Theme

ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD, CSS Files, PSD, PHP Records, JS Records
Software Version: WordPress 3.9, wp 3.8
Documentation: Well-Documented
High-Resolution: Certainly
Last Update: 7 March 14
Suitable Browsers: IE8, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9, Chrome, IE11
Widget Ready: Yes
Tags: food, responsive design, cafe, wordpress open, wp e-commerce format, hotel, wp e-commerce style, responsive e-commerce
Made: 4 February 14
Compatible With: WP e-Commerce 3.8.x
Format: Sensitive
Posts: 2

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Check All WordPress Themes from TemplateMela

Please don’t neglect to charge it, if you like our subjects. It will help us alot

Template ID: WPE010001
Bistro WP Ecommerce Design is specially-designed for food restaurant and lodge stores...

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Download Storefront Pro for WordPress e-Commerce

Columns: 2
Developed: 18 August 12
Software Type: wp 4.0, WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 4.3.1,wp 4.4, wp 3.7, wp 3.5, wp 4.1
ThemeForest Records Included: CSS Records, JS Records, PHP Records,Layered PSD
Gadget Prepared: Yes
High-Resolution: Yes
Last Update: 20 August 12
Compatible Browsers: Firefox, IE9, IE10, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE8,IE7, Chrome, IE11
Documentation: Well-Documented
Design: Fixed
Labels: retina, Gold html5, smartphone, theme choices, translation, wp e-commerce, store, buying, wordpress, getshopped,commerce, slideshow, tablet, receptive

Storefront Expert for WordPress is an open shopping cart topic written in HTML5 / CSS3, which provides a means for your customers order your goods in the home or...

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Storefront Pro for WordPress e-Commerce

Compatible Browsers: Chrome, Opera, IE8, Safari,IE7, Firefox, IE11, IE10, Side, IE9
Documentation: Well-Documented
Last Update: 20 June 12
Articles: 2
Highresolution: Indeed
Tags: wp, slideshow, platinum basket, html5, shopping, retina, interpretation, store, wp ecommerce, concept possibilities, pill,commerce, smartphone, open, getshopped
Application Type: wp 3.7, wp 3.4, wp 3.8, WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 3.9,wp 4.4, wp 4.0, wp 4.1, WordPress 4.2, wp 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 4.3
Widget Prepared: Yes
Designed: 18 August 12
ThemeForest Files Incorporated: CSS Records, JS Files,Split PSD, PHP Records
Design: Mounted

Storefront Master for WordPress can be a sensitive shopping cart application design prepared in HTML5 / CSS3, which gives a convenient way for your web visitors to ...

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Mazine WordPress Theme – A WP E-Commerce theme

Compatible With: WP ecommerce 3.8.x
Certification: Well-Documented
ThemeForest Files Included: PHP Files, JS Records,Layered PSD, CSS Files
Made: 6 April 11
Framework: Whiteboard
Design: Set
Suitable Windows: Opera, IE9, Chrome, Safari, Firefox,IE8, IE10
Application Model: WordPress 3.9,WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.8
Gadget Ready: Yes
Articles: 2
Tags: jquery, wordpress e-commerce, retailer, clean, nextgen, wp e commerce, furniture, shop, adaptable, white, wp-e-commerce,wagon, e-commerce
Last Update: 14 February 15
Highresolution: No

Flexible e-commerce topic, with wp-e-commerce plugin, ajax contact type, lively sortable gallery and much a lot more.

Tips For Picking A Webhost

A crucial element of setting-up a website is getting a trusted website hosting support...

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Nulled Tribeca WordPress – WP E-commerce Theme script

Format: Set
Appropriate Windows: Chrome, IE8,IE7, Opera, IE9, Firefox, Chrome
High Definition: No
Gadget Ready: Yes
Developed: 10 Nov 11
Certification: Well-Documented
Compatible With: WP e commerce 3.8.x
Last Update: 7 March 12
Articles: 2
ThemeForest Files Incorporated: PHP Documents, HTML-Files,Layered PSD, CSS Records, JS Files
Tags: wp ecommerce, jquery, fancybox, slider, widgets. wp e-commerce,blog, streamlined, minimum, modern, php, wpcommerce, creative, skilled, style
Software Type: WordPress 3.0, WordPress 3.3,WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.2, wp 3.1

Tribeca Wp with WP E -commerce plugin

This design can be used by you as being a webshop that is full. But you also can use it minus the e-commerce plugin. So these are two styles in a single!

This theme uses the effective E – sho...

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Kauri – responsive theme for WooCommerce

Developed: 27 March 12
Software Model: wp 4.5.x, WordPress 4.6,wp 4.6.1
Widget Prepared: Yes
Certification: Well-Documented
Last Update: 25 August 16
High Res: No
Tags: store, theme selections, clear, shop, website, ipad, portable, wordpress concept, iphone, e commerce, woocommerce, jquery, reactive, simple,versatile
ThemeForest Files Incorporated: CSS Records, HTML Files, JS Records,PHP Records
Suitable For: WooCommerce 2.5,WooCommerce 2.6.x
Compatible Windows: IE11, IE10, Safari, Advantage, Opera, Firefox, Chrome,IE9
Layout: Sensitive
Articles: 2

Receptive design helps it be flexible to desktop and laptop computers, from supplements , smartphones and iPhones to different display measurements. This topic can look good on any monitor.
Kauri Theme’s classy design is personalized wi...

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