Nulled Academic – Responsive Moodle Theme

Compatible Browsers: Safari, Opera, Edge,IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox
Suitable For: Moodle, Bootstrap 2.3.x
ThemeForest Files Involved: JS Records,PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files
Documentation: Well-Documented
Last Update: 17 May 17
Layout: Receptive
Developed: 9 May 17
Software Version: Moodle 3.1.x, Additional
Columns: 3
High Resolution: Yes
Tags: corporate, classes, training, lms, faculty, responsive moodle,business, moodle, clean, elearning, learning, open, university, faculty, moodle design

About Educational Moodle Theme
Instructional is 100% open CSS3 and HTML5 centered on bootstrap construction.
Instructional is definitely a Moodle design that is all in one the training that is most effective...

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Lambda – Responsive Moodle Theme

Suitable For: Moodle, Bootstrap 2.3.x
Software Edition: Moodle 2.7.x, Moodle 2.6.x,Moodle 3.1.x, Moodle 2.9.x, Moodle 2.8.x, Moodle 2.5.x, Moodle 3.0.x
Last Update: 2-April 17
High Resolution: Certainly
Tags: innovative, university, e-learning,business, faculty, receptive, learning, institution, moodle concept, corporate, responsive moodle, moodle, training, clear
Tips: 4+
Layout: Receptive
Appropriate Browsers: Firefox, Safari,IE8, IE10, Chrome, IE11, Side, Opera, IE9
Documentation: Well-Documented
ThemeForest Files Incorporated: PHP Files, JS Records, CSS Records
Developed: 28 November 14

Major reason: Customer Support
Additional comments in the consumer: Outstanding Moodle Design. Customer-support is A ! If you’re buying a top Moodle Topic, This Can Be One!
Major reason: Desig...

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TIKLI – Responsive Moodle Theme

Tags: test prep, faculty, multipurpose moodle theme, learning management process, online education, coaching, programs, corporate moodle quality theme, e-learning, lms, education, trainer,college, university, online lecturer
Articles: 3
Software Version: Moodle 2.9.x, Moodle 2.7.x, Moodle 3.0.x, Moodle 2.8.x,Moodle 3.1.x, Moodle 3.0.1
Documentation: Well Documented
High Definition: Yes
Produced: 31 October 15
Appropriate Windows: Chrome, Opera,IE11, Firefox
ThemeForest Documents Incorporated: JS Records,PHP Records, CSS Files
Compatible With: Bootstrap 2.3.x
Last Update: 9 March 17
Layout: Responsive

TIKLI Moodle Theme is lovely 100% reactive and have hefty Moodle theme...

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Shiksha – Responsive Moodle Theme

Compatible Browsers: Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome,IE11
Developed: 8 January 16
Application Model: Moodle 2.9.x, Moodle 3.0.1, Moodle 2.7.x, Moodle 3.0.x, Moodle 2.8.x, Different,Moodle 3.1.x
High Resolution: Yes
Documentation: Well Documented
Compatible With: Bootstrap 2.3.x
ThemeForest Records Involved: HTML Files, CSS Documents,PHP Documents
Tags: e-learning, corporate moodle quality theme, university, learning management system, lessons, online education, instruction, education, lms, faculty, trainer, multipurpose moodle theme, test-prep, online mentor,faculty
Articles: 3
Design: Open
Last Update: 9 March 17

About Shiksha Shiksha Theme is just feature clear and heavy Moodle theme, a open. It is compatible with Moodle 2.7 – 3.2...

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Flora – Responsive Moodle Theme

Compatible Browsers: Safari, Chrome, Advantage, IE11, Firefox, Opera,IE10
Application Type: Other,Moodle 3.1.x
Design: Reactive
ThemeForest Documents Incorporated: JS Files, HTML-Files, CSS Records,PHP Records
Documentation: Well Documented
Developed: 28 March 17
High-Resolution: Yes
Suitable For: Bootstrap 2.3.x,Moodle
Last Update: 18 April 17
Tags: corporate, elearning, institution, moodle, knowledge, open, lms, clean, college, courses, university,business, moodle concept, learning, responsive moodle
Articles: 3

About Flora

The design of theme is totally responsive and depending on bootstrap construction and its particular appear and feel with won’t join and fresh flavor you inside package of Moodle standard design...

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MontBlanc – Responsive Moodle Theme

Compatible Browsers: IE8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE10, Side, IE11, IE9, Chrome
Tags: university, education, moodle, lms, college, training courses, institution, receptive, e-learning, coursemos, moodle theme, receptive moodle
Software program Variation: Moodle 3.1.x, Moodle 2.8.x, Moodle 2.6.x, Moodle 2.7.x, Moodle 3.0.x, Moodle 2.9.x, Moodle 3.0.1, Moodle 2.5.x
Produced: 3 September 16
Suitable With: Moodle, Bootstrap 2.3.x
ThemeForest Record Consisted of: PHP Record, JS Record, CSS Files
Last Update: 26 April 17
Documents: Well Documented
High Resolution: Yes
Design: Responsive
Columns: 3


Everyone Should Possess Some Time Management Skills!

Time management is an essential part of our own lives, regardless of that which we’re doing...

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Nulled Roshni Moodle Theme

High Resolution: Yes
Format: Responsive
Produced: 15 September 15
Documentation: Well Documented
Columns: 3
Tags: programs, university, online educator, corporate moodle premium theme, on the internet education and learning, multi-purpose moodle theme, training, examination prep, institution, education, finding out administration system, lms, college, e-learning, instructor
Suitable With: Bootstrap 2.3.x, Moodle.
Software program Variation: Moodle 3.0.x, Moodle 3.0.1, Moodle 2.8.x, Moodle 2.7.x, Moodle 3.1.x, Moodle 2.9.x.
ThemeForest Info Included: JS Data, CSS Data, PHP Files.
Last Update: 9 March 17.
Suitable Browsers: IE11, IE10, Safari, Chrome, IE9, Firefox.

Regarding Roshni
Roshni Moodle Theme is a 100% responsive, attribute hefty stunning Moodle theme...

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YellowStone – Premium moodle theme

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When the hard work of creating a website is finished, the hard-work of posting it towards the search engines and having it show up while in the results begins. Perhaps you consider you’ve to have a computer science level to do it, but this informative article will display some sensible suggestions about how possibly you, will make your internet site be noticeable to you.

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