Booom! – Bootstrap Flat UI Pro Theme For MODX

Design: Receptive
Last Update: 22 June 14
Certification: Well-Documented
Developed: 15 May 14
High Definition: No
Suitable For: Bootstrap 3.x
Suitable Surfers: IE10, Chrome, Safari,IE9, IE9, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Opera, Firefox, IE11, Chrome
Software Model: MODX Revolution 2.2.x
Tags: topic settings,Bootstrap 3, concept possibilities, flat, Flat UI Pro, gallery, variable, isotope, profile
ThemeForest Documents Included: PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Documents

Onepage Bootstrap 3 MODX Style Constructed With Level UI Pro Set!

Release the ability of MODX!
The Booom! MODX topic is a glossy, eye-candy and decorative onepage layout creating the absolute most from MODX’s format aspects and Theme Possibilities.
Developed with LESS and constructed with Bootstrap 3...

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Duality – MODX One Page Theme

ThemeForest Files Included: CSS Records, JS Documents
Tags: modx, single, enterprise, scroll, creative, single page,bureau, duality, one page, collection, app
Appropriate Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Safari, Opera, IE10, IE10, Firefox, IE11, IE11,IE9, Safari, Chrome, Opera
Format: Reactive
Compatible With: Bootstrap 3.x
Last Update: 15 May 14
Software Type: MODX Revolution 2.2.x
Posts: 3
Documentation: Well Documented
Designed: 7 May 14

MODX One-Page Theme

This can be simple one-page design for MODX.
You should have MODX script installed to use this style.

Television for images added.

Style has Television bits for site sections, for images for portfolios and group sections and facilitates Wayfinder selection.

Design is fantastic for landing pages, account sites or creative busi...

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Free Tredd Studio – Responsive One Page MODX Theme

Compatible Browsers: Opera, Firefox, IE10, Safari, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE10, Chrome, IE11, Firefox, IE9, IE11, IE9, IE8,IE8
Tags: special, account, html5, jquery, contemporary, clean, responsive, css3, bootstrap, imaginative, one page, modx,stunning
Produced: 25 April 14
Application Type: MODX Revolution 2.2.x
Layout: Receptive
Appropriate For: Bootstrap 2.3.x
Documentation: Well-Documented
Last Update: 15 Oct 14
Posts: 1
ThemeForest Records Included: JS Records,CSS Files
High Definition: Yes

TREDD FACILITY is a grid-based (Twitter Bootstrap Grid Method) onepage Sensitive MODX format for creative or Digital-Agency, Photostudio, Smallbusiness or freelancers...

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Base – Responsive MODX Theme

Software Version: MODX Revolution 2.3.x,MODX Revolution 2.4.x, MODX Revolution 2.2.x
Posts: 4+
Tags: profile, website, company,firm, bootstrap, modx, modern, receptive, grid, creative, corporate
ThemeForest Files Included: CSS Files,PHP Files, JS Files
Format: Reactive
Last Update: 9 July 16
Certification: Well-Documented
Developed: 14-January 14
Compatible Windows: IE11, Safari, Chrome, IE10, Firefox,IE9, Opera, IE11, IE10, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari

Version 1.2.0 – Changelog
Base is really a fully reactive MODX design having a clean and modest layout suitable for any kind of company use and imaginative. Bottom is optimized for both mobile and pc, and Bootstrap 3 construction was designed upon by it’s.
3 Residence variants: impression, slider.

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Colors – MODX Creative Theme

Layout: Sensitive
Documentation: Well-Documented
Application Edition: MODX Revolution 2.3.x
Columns: 3
Tags: colorful, level, search, onepage, modx, natural, innovative, reddish, hues,orange, parallax, reactive, simple, scrolling, flat layout
Developed: 3 April 14
Suitable Windows: IE11, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, IE10, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE10, IE9, Opera,IE9, Opera, Safari
Appropriate For: Bootstrap 3.x
ThemeForest Records Involved: CSS Records, JS Documents, HTML Files,Layered PNG
Last Update: 16 May 14

You have to have installed program to use this concept.

Shades – Single page MODX Style

Single page creative topic for MODX. Basic start-up theme.

Theme has 3 templates, Television for photos, pieces for every site segment, css/js/image records and is stuffed in transport...

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Get STYZO – Responsive One Page MODX Theme nulled

Software Edition: MODX Revolution 2.2.x
Tags: html5, profile, css3, sensitive,wonderful, bootstrap, contemporary, clean, modx, one-page, jquery, creative, exclusive
Compatible With: Bootstrap 3.x
Last Update: 25 June 14
Produced: 9 May 14
Tips: 1
High-Resolution: Yes
Documentation: Well Documented
Layout: Responsive
ThemeForest Files Included: JS Documents,CSS Files
Compatible Windows: Safari, IE10, Opera, Chrome, IE11, IE10, IE8, IE9, IE9, Opera, IE11, Safari,IE8, Chrome, Firefox, Firefox

STYZO is actually a grid-centered (Facebook Bootstrap Grid Method) one page Open MODX template for imaginative or Digital-Agency, Photostudio, Smallbusiness or freelancers...

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Crostini – Responsive One-Page MODX Theme

ThemeForest Files Included: PSD,Split PSD, JS Files, PHP Files, CSS Documents, HTML-Files
Compatible Windows: Firefox, Safari,IE8, Opera, IE10, Opera, IE8, Chrome, IE9, Firefox, Safari, IE11, Chrome, IE9, IE11, IE10
Tags: modern,css3, style, modx, portfolio, individual, responsive, lead, level, jquery, html5
Layout: Sensitive
Documentation: Well-Documented
Made: 5 January 14
Columns: 4+
Last Update: 5 February 14
Application Model: MODX Revolution 2.2.x
Highresolution: Yes

Crostini can be a reactive that is contemporary onepage account MODX Concept. This theme will be helpful for almost any business that could like to display their portfolio.

Video preview


Smart LoadingMain documents and photos loads first (running monitor), subsequently comes thumbnails (page load...

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Get Flatdown – Coming Soon MODX Theme

Software Type: MODX Revolution 2.2.x
High Res: Certainly
Last Update: 19 April 14
Appropriate Windows: IE9, IE11, IE11, Safari, Firefox, IE10, IE10, Firefox, Safari, IE9, Chrome, Opera, Opera, Chrome
Format: Receptive
Certification: Unrated
Suitable For: Bootstrap 3.x
Designed: 19 April 14
ThemeForest Files Involved: HTML Files, JS Files, CSS Records
Tags: bootstrap, under construction, returning shortly, level, video background, timer, clean, countdown, MODX Topic, image background, Flat UI Expert

Setup Your Landingpage Without Pressing Aline Of Rule!
Style – that was ‘Coming Constructed With the Flat UI Pro Equipment!
Flatdown can be a clear, flat in construction” MODX Design having a newsletter signup form that is functioning to construct your audience.
You’ll be able to ...

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