Nulled Mission – Responsive WP Theme For Charity script

Produced: 11 Jan 13
Format: Open
High Definition: No
Tickets: Causes, nonprofit, non-profit, non profit, gift, paypal, charity, foundation, open, ngo, colorful, activities
Documentation: Well Documented
Compatible Windows: IE7, Chrome, IE10, IE8, Safari, Opera, IE9, Firefox
Articles: 4+
Software Version: wp 4.2, wp 3.4, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 4.1, wp 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.8
Last Update: 30 June 15
ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD, JS Records, PHP Records, CSS Files
Widget Prepared: Yes

Model 2.2 (March 18th 2013)

Mounted Slider Title not crumbling anymore when name isn’t long enough.

Added Facebook Cultural Icon.

About Objective is a premium responsive WP design for charity site.
After purchasing this concept, you’ll re...

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Assist- Charity, Donation & Nonprofit HTML5 Template for download

Appropriate For: Bootstrap 3.x
Format: Receptive
Posts: 4+
Last Update: 18 April 17
Tags: contentment, company, html5, non profit,Bootstrap v3.3.7, Causes, css3, nonprofit, jquery, contributions, low-profit, offer, charity, offer, cultural
Certification: Well-Documented
Appropriate Windows: IE11, Firefox, Chrome, Border, Safari, Chrome
ThemeForest Files Incorporated: HTML-Files, CSS Documents, JS Documents
Produced: 18 April 17
High Res: No


You can find thousands of people hungry for food, trying to find a location to keep, living without any treatment leading a life that is gloomy. But you can find only a few committed those who help them, only a few who would like to produce a level. If you are one particular few that are scarce, we admire you first.

For the single p...

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Nulled Orphan – Charity WordPress Theme script

Format: Receptive
Software Model: WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.6.1
Appropriate For: Visual Musician 4.11.x, Graphic Composer 4.12.x, Events Schedule,WPML, Visual Composer 4.10.x, WooCommerce 2.5, Graphic Composer, WooCommerce 2.4.x, WooCommerce 2.6.x
Tags: the event calender, homemade, fundraising charity, program event, donate,bdthemes, modern design, charity donate, give donation plugin, clear design, volunteer, site creator, charity, nonprofit, nonprofit concept
Developed: 20 April 17
ThemeForest Documents Involved: PSD,PHP Records, CSS Files, JS Files, HTML-Files
Suitable Windows: Chrome, Opera,IE10, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE11
Platform: Underscores
High Definition: Yes
Certification: Well-Documented
Last Update: 26 April 17
Posts: 4+
Widget Ready: Yes

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WeCharity – Charity/Nonprofit PSD Template

Developed: 20 December 16
High Definition: Yes
Split: Yes
Tags: blog, organization, donate, fund-raising, charity blog, donations, gallery, trigger, contributed, charitable style, non-profit, base, charity
Minimal Adobe CS Variation: CS6
Pixel Sizes: 1920×8000
Graphics Files Involved: Photoshop PSD
Produce Sizes: 1920×8000
Last Update: 20 December 16

WeCharity is a clear, contemporary, fashionable psd theme for Charity websites. It’ll be best choice for business, bureau or account functions or increasing corporations. WeCharity was created with treatment and love according to Bootstrap grid technique!!
Key Features:
Completely Split / Editable Photoshop (PSD) files1170 Reactive Grid Based DesignEasy to CustomizeFree Google Web FontsFree Symbol Fonts
25 PSD files Involved:


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PureHeart – Charity & nonprofit NGO PSD Template for free

Highresolution: No
Padded: Yes
Minimal Adobe CS Variation: CS
Tags: group funding design, charity website, donation, area, give, fundraiser, firm, volunteer, social, survival, charity style, Refugee,charity, ngo, non-profit
Design Files Involved: Photoshop PSD
Pixel Measurements: 1600×8146
Made: 11 May 17
Last Update: 11 May 17

PureHeart – is really a wonderful contemporary and clean layout PSD theme which linked to NGO & Donation and may be used for Charity Volunteer.
We have incorporated best-practice of web-development – excellent site layout can be created by you according to 1170px or Twitter Bootstrap, your website will appear pointed on all displays...

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Charity sympathy – Nonprofit, Donation, Charity HTML5 Template

Articles: 3
Suitable For: Bootstrap 3.x, Bootstrap 2.3.x
Layout: Sensitive
Tags: charitable, look, offer, ngo, gallery,trigger, charity heart, non profit, organization, offer, contributions, nonprofit topic, fundraiser, charity, base
Certification: Well-Documented
High Res: Yes
Appropriate Surfers: Firefox, Side,IE9, IE11, Safari, Opera, IE10, Opera
Last Update: 25 April 17
Designed: 23 April 17
ThemeForest Records Incorporated: HTML-Files, JS Documents, CSS Documents


Charitysympathy can be an HTML template is created for non-profit websites, like cultural program websites, NGO, Gift and fundraiser websites, etc. Charitysympathy is actually a non profit design for finances almost any societal organizations and gift plans, along with a charity template.

Latest Boo...

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Human Welfare : Charity PSD Template

Tags: charity, corporation, Human Welfare
Layered: Yes
Highresolution: No
Last Update: 24 July 16
Artwork Files Involved: Photoshop PSD, Padded PNG, Vector EPS, JPG Impression, Translucent PNG
Pixel Measurements: 1920×7120
Designed: 24 July 16
Minimum Adobe CS Edition: CS5

Human Welfare: Charity PSD Theme suitable for all varieties of Charity Business. That Features completely 24 Pages.

Pages 01 Human Welfare-homepage 1.psd 02 Individual Survival-homepage 2.psd April Human Survival-About.psd 04 Human Survival-Triggers 1.psd 05 Human Welfare-Triggers 2.psd July Human Survival-donation.psd 07 Individual Survival-problem 404.psd 08 Individual Survival-FAQ.psd 09 Human Survival-gallery 1.psd 10 Human Welfare-gallery 2 popup.psd 11 Human Welfare-our team.psd 12 Human Welfare-volunteer...

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HappyCharity – Multipurpose Nonprofit Charity PSD Template

Layered: Yes
Printing Dimensions: 1920×7330
Pixel Dimensions: 1920×7330
Designed: 12 January 17
Last Update: 13 Jan 17
Tags: ngo,cause, Charity organozation, Charity PSD tempate, contribution, nonprofit, altruistic, offer, basis, fundraising
High Resolution: No
Artwork Files Incorporated: Photoshop PSD
Minimum Adobe CS Edition: CS6

HappyCharity – Multipurpose Charity Template

HappyCharityis the top Multipurpose Non-Profit PSD Template. It’s clean, super-flexible, completely responsive, pixel-perfect, modern and comes packed with effective alternatives. HappyCharity is ideal fit-for charity, NGO, non profit business, donation, or even a fundraiser website? You’re able to modify your preferences to be quite simple suit by it...

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Charity PSD Theme

Last Update: 10 June 14
Graphics Files Involved: Photoshop PSD
Split: Yes
Tags: Charity PSD, nonprofit, crowdfunding, non profit psd theme, nonprofit psd template, charity psd template, charity theme,charity, audience backing template, audience capital
Created: 10 June 14
High Res: No
Minimum Adobe CS Model: CS6

Clear and Function oriented layout can help you to generate Non Profit site really simple. Charity is extremely suited to Charity, Audience Non-Profit and Money sites. Here are some trendy features about Charity.

PSD Records Contains:

Homepage Difference 1
Homepage Variation 2
Website Variation 1
Website Color Variation 2
Website Color Variation 3
Release / Underconstruction
Our Account
Our Objective
Become Volunteer
Make Gift
Contact Us
404 Error

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Get Denoy – Fundraising & Donation PSD template

Minimal Adobe CS Version: CS
Artwork Files Included: Photoshop PSD
Made: 25 August 16
High Res: No
Layered: Yes
Last Update: 25 July 16
Tags: groundwork, donations, ngo, give, social,Causes, charity centre, offer, non-profit, non profit, charity, business, fundraising, low-profit, welfare

PSD Design can be used for charity, NGO, non-profit even a fundraising website, donation chapel or firm along with for almost any other purpose. Feel liberated to produce your own personal website with this specific format that is accomplished.
It is a very ideal format for organizations that provide help with donations and fundraising services. It has other pages, responsive layout and unique characteristics like consultation kinds, services, search filters and also goal driven design.

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